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Genetic Linkage

Where Will the Next Pandemic Come From? Highlights from CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases

When monkeypox came from out of nowhere in the spring, it sounded like a joke to our collective COVID-fatigued brains. I think we've all got CDC fatigue too. When revised recommendations recently told us it was okay to do or not do what we've been doing or not doing for months, I don't think many people paid attention. I'm glad the agency is finally re-evaluating things.


What may not be as well known is that CDC publishes an excellent, open-access, international, peer-reviewed monthly journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases. Since 1995, EID has provided a window into future health concerns, for us and other animals, with historical and cultural background as well as current epidemiology, covering all sorts of things.


Underlying the research reports on eclectic infectious diseases in the journal are a set of shared and converging factors:
• global climate change shifting habitats
• metagenomics technology comparing genome sequences in environmental samples
• perhaps we're looking harder
• a much more epidemiologically literate public than pre-pandemic


So I thought I'd investigate the August 2022 issue of EID. The focus is zoonoses – diseases that jump from non-human animals to us.


To continue reading go to DNA Science DNA Science, where this post first appeared. 

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