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Genetic Linkage

Looking Back 20 Years After the Unveiling of the First Human Genome Sequence


I'm about to begin revising the 14th edition of my human genetics textbook. In normal times, I'd have amassed technical articles and case reports, as well as notes from meetings and interviews, choosing topics to add or ax and updating or replacing examples as the new edition takes shape.


But I haven't thought much about genetics in 18 months, instead obsessively reading, listening, and writing about COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2, terms that didn't exist when the current edition was published in September 2019. The before time.


So much has changed since I published my first COVID article on January 23, 2020.


I'm relieved to focus once more on human genetics. A recent webinar from scientific publisher Elsevier, "20 Years of the Human Genome: From Sequence to Substance," has helped me get back on track and brought back memories.


Genetics Begat Genomics


To continue reading, go to my DNA Science blog at Public Library of Science.

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