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Genetic Linkage

Antibody Cocktails Against Future COVID Variants, Thanks to Global Consortium CoVIC

"Give us your antibodies" might be the mantra of the The CoVIC Consortium, a global group of eclectic experts who introduce a "framework for antibody cocktail selection" in the journal Science. They haven't just predicted which antibodies, alone or in pairs, can "neutralize" viral variants, including some that haven't even evolved yet, but have actually tested the tango between antibodies and their targets. From 56 labs on 4 continents, CoVIC has amassed more than 350 monoclonal antibodies against the spike protein with which SARS-CoV-2 latches onto and enters our cells.


As I read the paper, I envisioned a war room, where strategists scrutinize giant, detailed maps as they move symbols of troops and weapons into position, planning assaults from different directions.

Antibodies 101


To continue reading, go to my DNA Science blog at Public Library of Science.

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