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Genetic Linkage

She Had Her Own Mutation, Sequencing Led to a Treatment and Major Genetic Discovery – Then She Died of COVID

It isn't often that an investigation of a single patient who has a devastating, unrecognized disease leads to finding an existing drug that works, but also reveals something entirely new about gene function. A study from Dusan Bogunovic, PhD, Director of the Center for Inborn Errors of Immunity at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and colleagues just published in the journal Immunity, tells such a tale.


The young woman was only 18 when the investigation began. Her death from COVID-19 tragically juxtaposes the challenges of treating an ultrarare genetic disease with those of a pandemic infectious disease.


"We were so so sad when she passed. She was doing so well for the first time in her life for full 2 years. She was very happy, and her family was very happy to see her that way," said Dr. Bogunovic.


To continue reading, go to DNA Science, where this post first appeared.

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