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Genetic Linkage

300th Post at DNA Science Today

This is my 300th blog post for DNA Science. I'm so grateful to Public Library of Science for enabling me to comment so freely on all matters of genetics and genomics.


This week I look back on the crazy diversity of topics over the past year or so, and end with the posts that garnered the most attention, both good and bad. Two posts actually led to death threats.


I began DNA Science in September 2012, soon after my book The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and the Boy who Saved It, was published. Luxturna, the blindness gene therapy that the book was about, received FDA approval at the end of 2017. And so the tag cloud focuses on gene therapy and diseases. But there's so much more, including my recent fascination with genetic genealogy, upon discovering half a dozen half-siblings.


The rest of the post links to the most popular and most controversial entries over the past 3 years. To continue reading go to DNA Science.




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