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Genetic Linkage

Personal Genome Sequencing: Too Much Information?

October 11-15, 6,200 researchers and clinicians met in Montreal for the 12th International Congress of Human Genetics. After my brain recovered from the long days of meetings, one panel discussion emerged as my favorite: what I thought was going to be a dull comparison of DNA sequencing technologies turned out to be a spirited look at  Read More 
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Jim Watson at International Congress of Human Genetics

Montreal, Oct. 11, 2011 -- James Watson joined a panel of “genome pioneers” at the opening session of the 12th International Congress of Human Genetics today. He was invited, besides his fame, because he was the second person to have his genome sequenced (Craig Venter was first), but his comments revealed that perhaps his most telling qualification is that he has a son who has schizophrenia. Known for his controversial views, Dr. Watson did not disappoint.  Read More 
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International Congress of Human Genetics

I will be posting from the International Congress of Human Genetics, in Montreal, starting October 11. As usual I'm part of the undergrad workshop and career night, but mostly I'll be running around learning things. I'll have my eye out for controversies and reports that the media miss ... please e-mail me (rickilewis54@gmail.com) with particular interests. You never know when you can find a clue to a rare disease in a poster or comment.  Read More 
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