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Genetic Linkage

The Festival of Genomics and Biodata 2023 Comes to Boston

One of the most anticipated returns to normalcy following the pandemic is the in-person conference. Like the mythical Phoenix bird arising from the ashes, live get-togethers are finally replacing zoom life, bringing back the sharing of ideas and spontaneity that catalyzes insights and inspiration – especially in science and technology.


The Festival of Genomics and Biodata comes to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center October 4-5. More than 150 speakers presenting in 7 "theaters" will cover a diversity of topics, plus round table discussions, "speed networking," and poster, career, and start-up "zones." Researchers, clinicians, and those working in drug discovery and development are welcome.


Front Line Genomics (FLG) is organizing the meeting. The best part? For 90 percent of participants, the conference is free! More than 2,000 attendees have already signed up. Register here.


To continue reading, go to DNA Science, where this post first appeared. 

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