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Genetic Linkage

The Dawn of Molecular Genetics: A Glimpse of History in a Textbook from 1952

The email from my former neighbor Shaun Kuczek was unexpected.


"Hi Ricki! My Dad passed in July, and we're cleaning out his house. He was a biology teacher for 35 years and I have 40 or so old biology textbooks. I remember that you write biology textbooks, and maybe you have an idea of a way to pass them along? They're all old, 1950s, 1960s. If you think of anything, please let me know."


Bernie Kuczek had been 91. In addition to teaching high school biology and chemistry and coaching baseball, Bernie's claim to fame was being drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers and sitting alongside Jackie Robinson in the dugout. Alas, a broken leg ended his baseball career. Bernie served in the Korean War and worked summers as a fisheries biologist.


Treasure from 1952, Just Before Watson and Crick's Paper

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