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Genetic Linkage

Protein Therapy in the Womb Overrides Genetic Glitch Hampering Teeth Development, Ability to Sweat

May 3, 2018

Tags: protein therapy, ectodermal dysplasia

Linus and Maarten received treatment in the womb for a condition that affects their older brother Joshua. (Dr. Holm Schneider)
Imagine a fetus gulping in amniotic fluid and drinking a drug that restores the ability to form teeth, sweat glands and hair that a mutation would otherwise have blocked. Holm Schneider, MD, PhD, at University Hospital Erlangen in Germany and his team have done just that, reporting this week in The New England Journal of Medicine on three toddlers who have avoided symptoms of X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (XLHED), which they inherited and that affects their older brothers. (more…)

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