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LGIS (low glycemic index soup/stew)

April 15, 2013

Tags: glycemic index, diabetes, blood sugar, recipes

Careful combining of ingredients keeps blood sugar down.
To help people with high blood glucose, I investigated the glycemic index for many vegetables, and invented something actually palatable, Low Glycemic Index Soup/Stew (LGIS). Be liberal with spices (I use Greek mix), and it's great. Tasty, easy, filling, cheap, easily made vegetarian, and it lowers blood sugar 2 hours post-prandial to about 110!

In crockpot:

celery (handful of small pieces)
1 big can of tomatoes, squished, or fresh
a few baby carrots cut up (limit these)
1 small zucchini cut into small cubes
1 whole zucchini, smashed after it softens
1 very small cut up onion
handful of fresh green beans, cut into pieces
1 cup broccoli + cauliflower pieces (from frozen mix)
lots of small pieces of bok choy
½ can chick peas (or whole can for stew) (lentils ok too)
1 pound beef in small cubes
veggie broth
beef broth
parsley (a bit)
spinach (handful or more)
cabbage OK but it gets a little smelly

Root vegetables – no parsnips, turnips, leeks, potatoes
More than 1 onion
More than 4 baby carrots
Beans (other than green and chickpeas)

FOR VEGETARIANS just leave out the beef!

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